Instant noodles warm up European market for Indonesian Indofood

BATAK CENTER FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES -- Indofood’s decision to formally enter Turkey, following the setting up of a factory in 2014, is part of a larger plan to penetrate the European market, where experts say there is good potential for the company to do well. In fact, Indofood is already the most successful instant-noodle company in Turkey, through sales of its products imported by distributors.

Indofood's Indomie brand has a reasonable lead over Japan’s Nissin in instant-noodle pouches, a bigger market than instant-noodle cups, where Nissin remains the top-selling brand. Establishing a local subsidiary will allow Indofood to strengthen its position considerably in the market and compete with Japanese and Korean brands. “Indofood already has the leading share of this small market,” said Ratna Sita, research manager, Euromonitor International.

“Its Turkish base is meant to be a gateway to Europe to penetrate various Western Europe markets including UK, Germany and the Netherlands—where its Indomie brand is already widely available in Asian stores and certain mainstream supermarket chains.”

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