Proxy War, What's Behind Russian Support for World's Separatist Movements?

BATAK CENTER FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES -- Britain's decision to leave the European Union is just the beginning, if some in the Kremlin have their way.

Northern Irish, Scottish, Basque, Catalan and Italian secessionists have been invited to Moscow for a conference, partly funded by Russia, planned for August. They will mingle with Texan, Californian, Puerto-Rican and Hawaiian wannabe-separatists from all over the world, the conference organizer says.

"Our goal is to consolidate efforts based on international legal standards [and] to achieve the very democracy the European Union and the United States talk about, but [the democracy] in its true meaning," Alexander Ionov, head of the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia, which is organizing the event, told NBC News.

One of the international standards he referred to is to a nation's right for self-determination that is part of the United Nations' chapter.

Ionov said that the Russian government's modest grant of $53,000 to accommodate dozens of guests will be supplemented by private donations from "Texas and other countries" that openly or clandestinely support the secessionist cause.

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